3. Humanity Cartoon Contest UK – 2024

3. Humanity Cartoon Contest UK – 2024

Theme:‘Peace and Unity’ and ‘Our Home’

3. Humanity Cartoon Contest 2024

In a world where millions are displaced, seeking safety and a sense of belonging, the Humanity Cartoons Competition 2024 becomes a platform for artists to extend a message of hope and inclusivity. We urge contributors to envision a world where neighbourhoods transform into spaces of welcome and acceptance, where simple gestures forge connections and foster a sense of community. This initiative is not just an artistic contest; it’s a call to action for solidarity to make our global home a nurturing, safe, and sustainable environment for everyone. Through your art, share visions of a world united in its diversity, embracing the challenges of our time with compassion and creativity. Join us in making a statement that transcends boundaries, one cartoon at a time.

Theme: ‘Peace and Unity’ and ‘Our Home’

The Humanity Cartoons Competition 2024 seeks artwork that encapsulates the themes of ‘Peace and Unity’ as well as the notion of ‘Our Home’.Artists are invited to create works that explore the diverse communities we call home, celebrating shared values and connections. This competition is a clarion call for art that resonates with harmony offers solace and weaves the global narrative of camaraderie and coexistence.
The competition’s winner will receive.
First Place: $1000
Second Place: $750
Third Place: $500
Fourth Place: $250
Fifth Place: $100
Jurys’ Special: $100

By submitting an entry to the competition, the entrant grants Time to Help (UK) a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to use, display, and distribute the entry in any media for any purpose, including for promotion and advertising of the competition and Time to Help (UK) and its local partners that will be exhibiting the cartoons.

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