Feridun Demir is a Turkish cartoonist, writer, and veterinarian. He drew cartoons, wrote articles, and took on editorial roles in various humor magazines.

After graduating from Uludağ University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Feridun Demir became interested in art and humor and received various art and cartooning education.

Starting his career as a cartoonist in humor magazines in the early 2000s, Feridun Demir drew cartoons and wrote articles for magazines such as Leman, Dinozor, Soytarı, Küstah, and Şizofren. Later, he took on an editorial role at Hardal magazine.

Recently, he has been producing various content such as cartoons, drawings, and designs for magazines, websites, and applications prepared for Hardal Media. He also occasionally publishes Kle Magazine with his brother Turgut Demir.

Feridun Demir has written and staged two theater plays titled “Susku” and “Aşk” (Silence and Love).

Furthermore, Feridun Demir’s works have been featured in many exhibitions in Turkey and abroad.