Buduàr, the Italian satire magazine, releases its 89th issue

Buduar #89

The Italian satire magazine Buduàr, which publishes online at, has released its 89th issue. This issue features a tribute to two great friends, Hasan Fazlic and Massimo Cavezzali. It also covers topics such as Marzio Lucchesi, the satire magazines in Bologna, the humorists who “do and invent everything”, and the collective “Queste… Leggi tutto…” The cover of the magazine is drawn by Erdal Başol.

Buduàr continues to follow the current developments of satire art in 2023. Each issue of the magazine contains stories, articles, cartoons, comics, sonnets and aphorisms. The magazine also has a section called “iQuasilibri” where it publishes medium-long humor stories.

You can read the 89th issue of Buduàr online for free. You can also buy the printed version of the magazine. You can also follow Buduàr’s Facebook page to get more information about the magazine.

We hope you enjoy reading the new issue of Buduàr! 🙌

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