“Walking To Space Together”: A Manga Phenomenon

“Walking To Space Together”: A Manga Phenomenon

Inuhiko Doronoda’s manga, “Walking To Space Together,” has captured the hearts of readers worldwide, earning the prestigious 2024 Cartoon Grand Prize. This accolade reflects the collective voice of bookstore employees and manga enthusiasts, highlighting the most impactful works of the previous year.

Published by Kodansha Ltd., the story delves into the unlikely friendship between Kobayashi, a wayward soul, and Uno, a new transfer student. Both characters struggle to fit in with “normal” society. Uno’s challenges with multitasking and sensitivity to loud noises necessitate a constant companion in the form of a notebook, which serves as a reminder of what to do during panic attacks. Kobayashi, on the other hand, grapples with simple mistakes at his part-time job and battles feelings of inferiority.

Doronoda’s narrative stands out for its refusal to diagnose its characters’ issues, inviting readers to engage with the story without judgment. “I think it’s best read from a realistic perspective, or rather, from your own perspective,” the author remarked during the award ceremony.

The award considers works published in the previous year, including digital comics, and is limited to titles with no more than eight volumes. “Walking To Space Together” triumphed over Hiromu Arakawa’s “Daemons of the Shadow Realm” and Akihito Sakaue’s “Kanda Gokuracho Shokunin Banashi” (Tales of Craftsmen in Kanda-Gokuracho), which took second and third places, respectively.

“Walking To Space Together” resonates deeply with manga fans, offering a mirror into their own lives through its sensitive portrayal of characters and realistic storytelling. It’s more than just a manga; it’s a journey into the readers’ inner worlds, encouraging self-reflection and understanding.

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