Peppermint Grove-Inspired Cartoons by Dean Alston: A Unique Slice of Humor

Peppermint Grove-Inspired Cartoons by Dean Alston: A Unique Slice of Humor

Dean Alston, The West Australian newspaper’s legendary illustrator, has a knack for capturing the essence of Peppermint Grove, Western Australia’s richest suburb, through his witty and humorous cartoons. Recently, Alston curated an exhibition at The Grove library, showcasing 38 of his published cartoons from the past 20 years, all centered around or featuring this affluent enclave.

From creative jabs at Perth’s wealthy elite to celebrating the suburb’s iconic history, Alston’s idiosyncratic style has made Peppermint Grove a unique area to illustrate. Let’s delve into some highlights from his collection:

The Affluent Area with a Sense of Humor Alston acknowledges that Peppermint Grove, despite its affluence, is filled with great people who appreciate the humor in his cartoons. Whether poking fun at extravagant lifestyles or capturing local quirks, his illustrations resonate with residents.
A Glimpse into the Past Alston’s cartoons span from 2002 to 2023, providing a fascinating glimpse into the changing landscape of Peppermint Grove over the years. As the suburb evolved, so did Alston’s witty commentary.

Peppermint Grove’s Unique Charm The exhibition features cartoons that touch on various aspects of Peppermint Grove life:

Wealthy Residents: Alston playfully portrays the suburb’s well-heeled inhabitants, highlighting their quirks and foibles.

Iconic Landmarks: From the Peppermint Grove Tennis Club to the Swan River, Alston captures the essence of the area’s landmarks.

Community Spirit: Despite the wealth, Peppermint Grove remains a close-knit community, and Alston’s cartoons reflect the camaraderie among its residents.

The Exhibition and Beyond The 38 prints will remain on display at The Grove library until May 28, allowing residents to relish Alston’s unique perspective. Shire of Peppermint Grove President Karen Farley praised Alston’s artwork, emphasizing its amusing and on-point nature. Once the exhibition concludes, the artworks may find a permanent home in the council chambers.

In summary, Dean Alston’s Peppermint Grove-inspired cartoons offer a delightful blend of satire, nostalgia, and community spirit. Whether you’re a resident or simply curious about this exclusive enclave, Alston’s work provides a humorous lens through which to view Peppermint Grove’s past and present.

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