Owen Jenkins: The Epiphany of Art

Owen Jenkins: The Epiphany of Art

Owen Jenkins, a graduate of the College of Creative Studies (CCS) at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is a talented cartoonist and illustrator. Owen received education in art history and studio art and successfully graduated as an honors student. He curated the graduation exhibition titled “Epiphany,” which is currently on display at the CCS Gallery. The exhibition runs from June 8th to June 13th, and a reception will be held on June 11th from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

“Epiphany” Exhibition

In his “Epiphany” exhibition, Owen Jenkins presents comics, drawings, paintings, and posters. He describes his works as “visions that flirt with prophecies and record illuminations.” Through meticulous lines, vibrant colors, and organic forms, Jenkins offers hints for meditation, questioning the unknown, and playfully implying what it means to “pass the authorship of mysteries to a cryptic other.” His works also engage with mysterious imagery, symbolism, surrealism, world-building, and poetic word-image pairings.

Future Plans

Post-graduation, Owen Jenkins aims to embark on a long-term comic book project and continue freelance illustration work, selling prints and books online. He also hopes to present at “Off Register,” Santa Barbara’s first art book and print fair. In 2022, he exhibited his works in the climate-themed group show “Through What Agency?”

Among his peers in the CCS program, Owen Jenkins stands out as a humble artist with a powerful and exemplary art practice. Iman Djouini, an assistant lecturer at CCS, notes that Owen’s talent and thoughtful approach have left an impression on everyone. We are all inspired by Owen Jenkins’ creativity and vision.

If you’d like to see Owen Jenkins’ art exhibition over the weekend or schedule a visit, you can contact him at owenjenkinsart@gmail.com.

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