Chico da Silva Gallery hosts “Artist’s Book” Exhibition

Chico da Silva Gallery hosts “Artist’s Book” Exhibition

Fortaleza City Hall opened the “Artist’s Book” exhibition on Tuesday, October 3rd, through the Municipal Department of Culture (Secultfor). Curated by Júlio Silveira, the exhibition occupies Galeria Chico da Silva, located in the Secultfor hall, in the Joaquim Távora neighborhood, and continues until November 3rd.

The “Artist’s Book” exhibition features the work of 30 artists from Fortaleza, who share affective memories, creative processes and artistic journeys with the public. Inside the pages of the notebooks, visitors will find details of the studios, as well as inspirations and thoughts of each artist, words, poems, shapes and works of art, all carefully recorded.

At the exhibition, the public will have the opportunity to delve into the universe of art, understanding the step by step, the rhythm, the outline and the essence behind each work. Sometimes in black and white, sometimes in color, the works outline thoughts and dreams that arise and resurface with every breath the artists take.

Participating artists
Ana Maria Nogueira
Assis Castelo Branco
Cida Fonseca
Claudia Maia
Claudia Sampaio
Claudio Viriato
Cristiane Arruda
Edmar Gonçalves
Eduardo Francelino
Eliseu Joca
Fabricio Porto
Fatima Gomes
Gerson Ipirajá
Jehovah Siebra
Mr Jazfo
Jacinta Cavalcante
Julio Jardim
Julio Maciel
Julio Silveira
Lana Guerra
Leny Rose
Oscar de Queiroz
Oswaldo Neto
Silânia Cavalcante
Totonho Laprovitera
Tulio Paracampos
Marcos Oriá
Zé Tarcísio

About Chico da Silva Gallery

Opened in May 2023, Galeria Chico da Silva occupies the Secultfor hall as an environment to receive Fortaleza’s cultural production, honor artists and promote meetings with different artistic languages.

Exhibition “Artist’s Book”
Opening: 10/03 (Tuesday)

Location: Galeria Chico da Silva (Rua Padre Valdevino, 1040 – Joaquim Távora)

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