John Little and the Graphic Novel “Power 9”: A Story of Creativity and Brotherhood

John Little and the Graphic Novel “Power 9”: A Story of Creativity and Brotherhood

John Little, a comic book artist and game designer from East Toronto, has captured attention with the graphic novel “Power 9,” co-created with his brother David. This work has earned them recognition within the Canadian comic book community and the honor of being nominated for the prestigious Doug Wright Award.

“Power 9” explores the enchanting subculture that has formed around card games like Magic: The Gathering, focusing on the community and collector’s market that revolves around the game. The Little brothers have drawn inspiration for this passion project from their personal experiences and cherished memories of playing the game with friends. John Little says, “Magic was like a glue that held us together over the years,” adding, “Beyond our relationships with each other and our friendships, it really was the game that brought us to where we are now.”

The graphic novel portrays the complex emotions of players and the excitement of tournaments, alongside the diverse personalities within this niche gaming world. With respect for copyright, the Littles have created a fictional card game called “Wizard Card,” as a tribute to Magic: The Gathering, while adding their own creative twists to the story. Their commitment to authenticity captures the essence of the gaming subculture, while also infusing it with their creative vision.

Despite the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, John and David collaborated remotely, balancing their responsibilities with their creative efforts, and brought the project to life through their steadfast passion and dedication. For John, this meant creating a unique bond between fatherhood and creativity, as he balanced his artistic endeavors with the joys and challenges of raising his infant son. Little jokes, “If you have a baby, you know you kind of trade it off between parents,” and continues, “While working on Power 9, I spent many nights with my baby strapped to my chest in a Baby Bjorn, staying up late.”

The value of cards, akin to some Magic: The Gathering cards reaching astronomical prices, adds an interesting layer to the story. With internationally recognized figures like rapper Post Malone investing millions in these collections, the allure of this subculture is further highlighted. “Power 9” weaves elements of mystery and intrigue around a card heist, inviting readers into a world where every card has a story, and every player has a purpose.

The creative and brotherly journey of John and David Little with “Power 9” serves as an inspiring example not only for comic book enthusiasts but also for anyone seeking inspiration in creative processes. The work stands out as a success story where passion, resilience, and creativity converge.

If you wish to dive into the captivating world of “Power 9” and witness the creative adventure of the Little brothers, this graphic novel is definitely a must-read.

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