6th International Biennial Book Cartoon Contest calls for entries

6th International Biennial Book Cartoon Contest calls for entries

The combination of art and media has always been impressive. The artist creates impressive artworks through a specific view and understanding and presents a message to the audience through a conceptual image, among which caricature as an understandable language for all people around the world is one of the best, Mehr reported.

Cartoons are a visual representation of ideas that play a significant role in communicating and motivating audiences. They tailor the content according to the desires, capacities, and tastes of the audience, guiding them towards desired thoughts and actions. The Book Cartoon Contest aims to speak in the art language.

In line with the missions of public libraries, such as promoting the culture of books and reading in society, the sixth biennial is organized by the Iran Public Libraries Foundation (IPLF), under the direction of the well-known cartoonist Masoud Shojaei Tabatabaei.

The thematic axes of this edition of the festival include “Books, Children, and Family,” “Books, Leisure, Joy, and Tranquility,” “Books, Digital Age, and Artificial Intelligence,” “Books, Libraries, and Business,” “Books, Libraries, and Cultural and Social Hangouts,” and “Books, Libraries, and Important Social Events”. Additionally, “Books, Palestine, and Gaza Resistance” will be a subsidiary theme of the festival.

Participants can submit their works in two categories: professional (for professional artists) and beginner (for artists who have not participated in domestic and international competitions before).

Participation in the contest is open to all professional and beginner artists, and each artist can submit a maximum of five works in the specified themes to the festival. The use of artificial intelligence to create works will result in disqualification. All handmade and digital works are accepted.

Those interested in participating in the contest can submit their works by June 20 by registering on the festival’s website at


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